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Rev. Kenneth Farmer and Rev. Kim Farmer are Christian Ministers and Teachers of Biblical Studies. They have dedicated their lives these last 20 plus years in the sacred calling of service to the Divine Father, being emissaries of His Holy Son, and teachers of His Holy Word.

In this capacity they have also provided spiritual aid to the dying at their time of transition – as well as helping those of the family create a personal and peaceful environment bringing respect, honor and sacredness to their loved one’s “sacred crossing”.

In addition to this sacred and blessed honor of assisting those spiritually at their time of death, the work expanded to encompass the practical elements of the “pre-death,” “during-death” and “after-death” care/process of transitioning.

They saw the need in Missouri for clear and precise information on the legalities and rights of those wishing to care in such a way for their loved ones, as well as individuals for themselves when it came their time.  The Revs. Farmer seeing this need, sought out the training and education for Home Funerals and the caring of individuals at the time of their death as well the resources, the legal statutes and authorities to do so in the state of Missouri.  Thus enabling them to be able to assist and educate others.

As Home Funeral educators, they provide home funeral education and information to those who wish to learn how to practically care for their loved ones when they pass.  As well as the practical and spiritual – the goal being to more fully enable the dying and their loved ones greater opportunities for peace and reconciliation as well as creating environments for the healing process of grieving to begin.

Rev. Kenneth is also professional musician, composer, singer and sound engineer who has worked in the field of music for over 40 years. His music ministry also includes compositions of sacred music. Visit our Neshamah Productions web site www.neshamahproductions.org and information for our Shillush music CD as well as other offerings that will be coming soon.

As a Minister and Teacher of Biblical Studies, Rev. Kim has worked for over 30 years with many denominations beginning as her time as a Chaplains Assistant in the Army. In the area of Home Funerals and families being directly involved in the care, choices and disposition making decisions of their loved ones at the time of death without the involvement or limited involvement of a funeral home or funeral director, she has worked to enhance the links between local and governmental agencies, on the realities of home funerals. In 2014 prompting the Missouri Bureau of Vital Records to establish a clear process for those “acting as funeral director” in Missouri to obtain a blank death certificate.

Together Rev. Kenneth and Rev. Kim work to educate and empower those who wish to care for their own at the time of death in ways that honor both the loved one who is passing and the families and friends who love them according to their spiritual  beliefs and wishes – making their loved one’s crossing a “sacred crossing”.



Neshamah Sacred Crossing Home Funerals Education Exists as a Community Network & Educational Resource

Neshamah is not a funeral home and we are not funeral directors or medical personnel. We do not provide any services specific to funeral directors or health care professionals. We are educators and consultants guiding families in how to care for their loved ones after death.

Phone: (417) 351-2570

We are located in SW Missouri near Ava. If you have any questions or we can be of assistance please feel free to contact us.

Neshamah is a Missouri non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization, founded 3-01-08