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  • Did You Know?

    • In almost every state, it is legal for a family member to act as the funeral director when a loved one dies.
    • In Missouri it is not only legal for a family member to act as funeral director, but they may take disposition of their loved one’s body after death.
    • The body of your loved one can lie in honorary vigil at home until burial or cremation.
    • Embalming is not required by law.
    • Refrigeration is not required – Dry Ice can be used to cool the body.
    • A family member may complete all of the necessary of end-of-life documentation (with Certification of the Death Certificate by the Attending Physician or Coroner/Medical Examiner)
    • In Missouri it is legal to bury your loved one your own rural land.

    What is a Home Funeral?

    In a home funeral, families and communities may play a key role in all or some of the aspects of caring for the body, conducting a ceremony, filing paperwork and final disposition.  Under Missouri law a family may act as funeral director.

    What Does A Home Funeral Involve?

    • The family, acting as funeral director, may claim the body at a hospital, nursing home, hospice center, or other care facility.  They can take the body home if the person does not die at home.
    • The family also may offer a vigil or visitation where the body is viewed at home.
    • The family can transport the body to a cemetery or crematory for final disposition.
    • The family may bury their loved one on their own rural land.
  • Death is a normal and natural family experience. It is a part of life and is a transition that we all face. In the deep spiritual belief of many cultures, the assisting of the soul and body at the time of transition is a cornerstone.  Up until the 20th Century it was a tradition that was practiced regularly by families, churches and communities in this country as well.  We honor that belief and tradition by the work of Neshamah Home Funerals.  Our work is in the educating and support of families, churches, hospice organizations and groups who want to learn more of this nearly lost cultural practice of providing before and after-death care for their loved ones.

    Many at this time are looking to simplify and get back to basics in the living of life.  For some this has included returning to the practice of simple, personal, and meaningful end-of-life care for their loved ones during their time of passing and after-death care for their loved one’s after they have passed.

    Just as Hospice as enabled the end-of-life care to be brought home into the loving hands of family and familiar surroundings, Home Funerals have empowered families to  reclaim the after-death care from the institutions and bring it home where the dying are held with grace and dignity by those who love them. 

    Home funerals can provide more meaningful after-life rituals helping families take the time they need to grieve in a familiar environment. In the comfort of their own home or special place, family members experience less fear of death and they are free to mourn in their own way. This more natural pacing deeply honors the deceased and the experience.  Additionally, being involved in this way helps in the grieving process.  It gives more closure to the loss of a loved one as well as being a part of the healing process.  In addition, Home Funerals are considerably less expensive compared to commercial burials.

    Neshamah Home Funerals Exists as a Community Network & Educational Resource


    Neshamah is not a funeral home and we are not funeral directors or medical personnel.  We do not provide any services specific to funeral directors or health care professionals. We are educators and consultants guiding families in how to care for their loved ones after death.
    Neshamah is a Missouri non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization, founded 3-01-08
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